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Walmart Asked Employees To Share Their ‘Positive’ Experiences…This Is What They Got (IMAGE)


Gawker has a campaign to allow Walmart workers to speak out against their working conditions and treatment, which has proved so successful that Walmart reportedly has ads taken out directly targeting Gawker readers. Yet, this isn’t the only place that Walmart workers have chosen to vent their frustrations with what is fast becoming recognized as one of the worst companies to work for in America. On the internal company website, Walmart created a post asking workers to share positive experiences. While there were many positive responses, there were some employees fed up with their experience that they decided to comment the truth of it — and the comments thread was, of course, leaked to Gawker:

It’s one thing for frustrated workers to vent anonymously to a media outlet; it’s another thing for workers to be so fed up that they disregard their instincts of self-preservation and vent their frustrations directly on the company’s internal website— and on a posting that asked them to “share your story about the real Walmart,” at that. Several people with access to Walmart’s employee site leaked us the comment section of that post.

– “I’ll say what needs to be said. Now this will probably get deleted but oh well. I feel as though walmart doesn’t care about their associates it’s all about the customers and profit now that’s fine I guess but without your associates you wouldn’t have customers. We’re all hard workers and it’s a shame that this company doesn’t appreciate that.”

– “Isn’t it funny that these stories ‘aren’t true,’ and yet many of us are too scared to post our disagreement, lest we lose our job? I read the Gawker reports: There’s not one bit of that that I haven’t experienced myself.” (Source)

The original post, linked above, contains an image with many more comments, both positive and negative. My personal favorite is the following, because it outlined exactly what Walmart is doing — and let them know they aren’t fooling anyone:

“I enjoy my job at Walmart, however I am curious why none of the issues that were raised in the Gawker article were addressed? To counter bad reviews with good reviews does not solve a thing in my book. Perhaps the right approach is to speak with your employees directly, this PR move is a bad one if you ask me.”

If Walmart actually wanted to improve themselves as an employer, they would have responded to widespread unrest and employee unhappiness with new policy. With this move, they have made it clear that they have no plan or motivation to actually improve anything at all. All they’re trying to do is dispute negative testimony, but this pointless PR stunt isn’t fooling anyone that isn’t already fooled.

Here’s the image from Gawker (click to enlarge):


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23 thoughts on “Walmart Asked Employees To Share Their ‘Positive’ Experiences…This Is What They Got (IMAGE)

  1. Boycott Walmart! They are the seed of evil or is that the devil. Oops I got the two mixed up. Sorry.

    Posted by omtatjuan | July 15, 2013, 3:19 pm
    • Not everyone has a choice though. Either Walmart killed off their competition or the competition is worse in terms of shitty selection of goods, insanely high prices for substandard goods (I’ve seen this in many towns; local businesses who have monopolies on their services will gouge gouge gouge and refuse to carry better selections of goods, because they know damn well the locals have no choice but to buy from them) and refuse to expand their stock, because screw you, where else are you going to shop?

      I have a local mom and pop grocery store in my town run by idiots who don’t carry a damn thing worth buying food-wise in their frozen food section and refuse to carry better products and overcharge on what they do carry. They are a shitty place to shop but do gangbusters because the nearest Walmart is a 40 minute drive two towns over and most people in town can’t don’t have the gas money available to make weekly trips to Walmart for groceries, even though it’s cheaper and Walmat has the better selection of food frozen-wise.

      Posted by Rollins | July 21, 2013, 7:43 pm
  2. I work in an “industry” in which people are afraid to speak the truth about appalling treatment. Even when they leave, they do not tell the truth as to why, and nothing changes. They are so afraid that negative consequences will follow them into their “new lives”. Those left behind continue to suffer. Bravo and Brava to those WalMart employees who have the courage to tell their truths, and because there is such exposure now, maybe things will change for them.

    Posted by ladymoonlake | July 22, 2013, 5:08 am
  3. As an educator, I think we can use the Walmart experience as an example of why every student needs to maximize their educational potential. There will always be Walmarts. We live in a capitalistic society and we are lucky to do so much of the time. We should strive to better ourselves so that we are not forced to work for the Walmarts of the world. Only then will they change. If Walmart can hire new employees at will, there truly is no incentive for them to change. The same can be said for McDonalds or any low wage employer. At some point we must take some responsibility for our career prospects. I have worked at many jobs in my life that sucked. I saw them as stepping stones and not as destinations.

    Posted by William Mullaney | August 18, 2013, 8:42 am
    • Only one issue. If everyone has a 4 year degree then Wal Mart will have highly educated low pay workers and then you will need a 6 year degree. Then if everyone has a 5 yr degree then you will need the next. Eventually you run out of schooling. At some point the business needs to take responsibility for how it treats its employees.

      Posted by Denny Bernsmeier | August 18, 2013, 5:24 pm
    • What makes you think that all WalMart workers are uneducated, or undereducated? My local WalMart employs high school and college students, as well as several teachers and even a college professor. People who do have higher educations often do not earn enough money in their chosen professions, so they end up taking a position at WalMart (or other retailers) to supplement their incomes. Not all jobs, including those requiring higher education, pay high salaries. Please be more wary of lumping all WalMart workers into a category. Its rude to make the assumption that everyone who works at WalMart is there because they lack the education to work elsewhere.

      Posted by Kathy s | September 25, 2013, 9:54 am
    • You know how many people I worked with at WM that had 4 year degrees, even PhD’s that either discovered they could not find work in their fields (stuff like NURSING and TEACHING) and have to go somewhere to pay the bills? WM knows they have people bent over. They aren’t laying off people but they aren’t giving them fair pay or benefits and they cut hours left and right.
      The majority of people I worked with had a college degree. Now I’m in a small town, WM was all there was. Many people after school could not afford to move to the big city because of the big loans. Morale? A degree DOES NOT mean you’re going to be successful anymore.

      Posted by Sarah | October 22, 2013, 9:00 am
    • In this economy people are desperate, even people with higher degrees, and employers use that to their advantage and it’s horrible. But the assumption that all low wage workers are undereducated is ridiculous. While in school bills still have to be paid and sometimes sadly you have to sucked into the job is a job mentality and get stuck working for companies that could give a shit less about your livelihood but instead only need you to insure they make a profit.

      Posted by Rikki | October 22, 2013, 11:10 pm
    • How about you just cut out the middleman and say what you really want to: “Wage slavery is great, f*** you lazy poors, got mine.”

      That way, we won’t have to read a paragraph of justification and self-gladhanding rhetoric to figure out you’re a waste of flesh.

      Posted by Nightfall Gemini (@nightfallgemini) | December 24, 2013, 10:54 am
    • Nicely said.

      Posted by Irina Edwards | December 24, 2013, 12:53 pm
  4. walmart makes sure i make 8 grand a yr while the head manager makes 120 grand a yr.when the holidays come close the hrs are cut so that the holiday pay equates to the average end of week getting a divorce and can’t get an apartment because of how little i make every 2 weeks which is $330 after taxes btw the average apartments where i live starts at $550 a month which normally are studios,my job is physically demanding which i leave work every day in aches and a many will say just get another job or that’s retail but it’s sad that a company that expects so much from it’s worker treat it’s workers like crap,almost everyone i know at walmart starts off happy then after 6 months gets depress and i’ve even heard some mention suicide,once again the manager makes 120k a yrs while most of the workers who do 4 times his/her job makes nothing more than 10k a yr unless they been there for 15yr and more and this is in the state of ny.btw walmart pay little to nothing for the cheap products that they sell that breaks in no more than 3 months and have a stock of $30 a share while a guy like me with 2 kids who is trying to stay in my kids life to make sure they grow up to be decent individual will have to go homeless and live in my car and work just to buy gas to get to work and pay to get a shower at a motel yet we see these ads on tv with actors claiming to be happy working for am not gonna blame the head manager of my store but if he’s making 120k i don’t wanna think how much the office workers are making because hat will be boiling water in a friend laugh at me because i told him i only had 95cent in my account for the next week and asked if i really lived in america,btw my ex isn’t even asking nothing fom be because she honestly know am a hardworker and that walmart is just bad.ot’s sad she makes my monthly pay in 4 days while i run the risk of getting ran over in the parking lot and hurting my back lifting boxes because my store is on a skeleton crew and even that i can’t complain over because more workers mean more hrs getting cut so the managers and office workes and chairmen can get bonuses

    Posted by walmartspit cup | August 29, 2013, 11:45 pm
    • They also make sure weight loss contestants on a TV show make $50 grand a year for 2 years, as they hand them $50,000 “Gift Cards” at the beginning of their “journey” and at the end of it too. How is it this company can give game show contestants $100,000 each at a rate of about 13 a year and they can’t pay their employees $40K a year?! Those 13 contestants could equal 325 employees making $40,000 for just one year! Instead they make $18,000 or LESS – and it’s usually LESS!

      Posted by Sephia8 | September 25, 2013, 8:58 am
  5. Walmart pay isn’t fabulous but it does pay much better than the other stores who are controlled by the so called commercial food workers union (who does nothing but collect union dues). Walmart could stand to have fewer managers making waaaay more than employees. Too many chiefs and not enough indians!!

    Posted by Tina McGinnis | September 25, 2013, 3:27 pm
  6. I will drive farther and spend more money to avoid giving Walmart a dime of my money.
    The worst part about Walmart is the fact that they drag people in with low prices and then in an effort to keep those same customers returning, they force their suppliers to lower costs year on year. Which inevitably leads to driving American jobs overseas, thus ensuring that their customers could never afford to go anywhere else.
    Do not feed the animals, people…

    Posted by pam | December 24, 2013, 9:32 am
  7. I worked at Borders as a full time clerk between mid-1993 and mid-1994, and again as a part-time clerk around 2002. It was remarkable how much more badly employees were treated by 2002. I was happy to work there in the mid-90s, and found the whole atmosphere intolerable by the early 2000s.

    Posted by Laurie Mann | December 24, 2013, 6:24 pm
  8. I am a member of OUR Walmart and a Walmart employee (associate). Yes, we (OUR) have our own public site(s) – where EVERYONE is allowed to comment positive or negative thoughts about Walmart. We don’t block anyone from posting. Yet many of us (OUR members, myself included) are blocked from posting on the Walmart Associates page. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    Posted by Aubretia Edick | January 1, 2014, 10:54 am
  9. Wal-Mart, the Socialist Monopoly that encourages Food Stamps so they can pay less wages.

    Posted by Patrick K | January 1, 2014, 12:56 pm


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