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Are ‘Moral Mondays’ The First Big Showing Of The Christian Left?


Massive Moral Monday protests in NC

If you haven’t heard of Moral Mondays in North Carolina yet, then you are really missing out. It is a mass weekly protest against the extreme agenda the NC legislature has enacted since the Republicans took control. It is otherwise known as “exactly what we need in this country.”

On Monday, August 5th, the protest was moved from Raleigh, NC to Asheville, NC. The response they got was a police-estimated 10,000 people strong group of of activists. Many who were arrested in the previous protests were undeterred, taking the stage and receiving “thank you’s” from the crowd.

There is however one thing which media has only glided over: Moral Mondays are led by the NAACP and RELIGIOUS LEADERS! People on the Christian Left have been connecting and gaining visibility thanks to social media. They may be spread out far and wide, but the movement has become more than just a few visible leaders thanks to progressive Christians finding their voice by connecting with others on sites such as Facebook.┬áThe result of this is Moral Mondays. We are seeing a rise in the Christian Left, and I sincerely hope they stay. As a Unitarian Universalist, my church has been active in liberal causes for a long time. I’d like to see more organizing and action by Christian progressives, as it is harder for the Christian Right to paint the scene as “US and THEM.”

This follows a recent study that 1 in 5 Americans is a “religious progressive.” On top of that, the younger generations are slowly outnumbering religious conservatives! Can we see more versions of “Moral Monday” in the United States? Will religious progressives save religion from its current shrinking status in the US? I sure hope so. Religious progressives, and specifically, Christian progressives, have shown they can organize, and they can be effective. This is only the beginning.

The Moral Monday protests are heading to Charlotte on the 19th of this month, and leaders have promised to visit every NC congressional district. It will remain to be seen whether the protests can keep interest alive.

About Jacob Daruvala

I am a 17 year old progressive from California. I first became interested in politics when President Obama ran for president in 2008. He was the first person I recognized as a modern day leader that I admired. Despite not being able to vote, I excitedly talked to people about him. This introduced me to the world of politics. I trained myself on the issues, I became more interested in history, and eventually decided that the world of politics would be my career. My interests in progressive writing are very broad. From LGBT rights, to universal healthcare, I am dedicated to using my voice to fight for what is right. Follow my articles here:


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