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WATCH: A Scholar of Religions Embarrasses Fox News Reporter.

When Reza Aslan, a Muslim scholar, was hosted on Fox News channel for an interview about his recent controversial book about Jesus, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth”, he wasn’t expecting the questions to be so biased and lacking professional journalism.

Fox reporter Lauren Green started the interview by questioning the reasons behind writing a book about Jesus, by hinting that Islam is his sole purpose for writing about Jesus. Reza immediately responses by mentioning his academic achievements and standings, stating that his arguments are supported and cited by thousands of books and references. The reporter continues to assume that there are hidden reasons and agendas for a Muslim scholar to write about Jesus, using the infamous Fox’s technique of “some people” or unnamed sources to lend credence to their ideological stance.

The last minute of the video is the most interesting, when he exposes Fox’s lack of background information on the book, and that the purpose of the interview is not to argue his book, but to argue what his faith has to do with the book. The reporter then claims that he never disclosed his Muslim faith in public, but his response exposed the falsehood of Fox’s argument by stating.

“The Second page of my book says I’m a Muslim, every single interview I have done on T.V. or a print says am a Muslim, you may not be familiar with me, but I am actually quite prominent Muslim thinker in the United States that written a number of books about Islam”

Apparently, Fox tries to imply that if you are not a Christian, its not okay to think or write about Jesus, and if you do so, you are certainly going to be biased. After the interview went viral on the internet, the book is now in Amazon’s top sellers, and he is listed as Amazon’s 6th most popular author. 

About Hadeer Abdulkareem

I am a 21 years old student majoring in Economic studies, live in Dallas area. I believe that we can always adopt new approaches and see how would they work. We don't have to stick with same values, same traditions, same mind-set if we see they are not as efficient as we might think.


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