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Chris Christie: An Ad By The Taxpayers (VIDEO)

Under the guise of state tourism, Chris Christie has appeared in an ad (with family!) called Stronger Than the Storm. Every Democrat’s favorite Republican has dished out $25 million in public funding on a series of tourism ads – featuring himself – at a cost reportedly $2 million higher than necessary.

While it’s nothing new for state tourism ads to feature pop culture icons and political figures from the past, this series of ads is relevant for a couple reasons. Chris Christie is a likely contender for the 2016 Republican nomination. Shameless self-promotion aside, there’s a moral side to the issue: these funds were taken from the Hurricane Sandy relief package. That’s right progressive America, Chris Christie has taken taxpayer funds meant to help those who lost it all in order to promote himself. is reporting that the company that won the bidding to run the campaign just so happened to be the company suggesting Chris Christie himself appear in the ads. Whether one is on the left or the right, it should be unacceptable that someone uses funds meant to help the downtrodden and homeless for shameless self-promotion.

Things like this are important to remember when the American left decides to go easy on Christie, as with his smiling embrace of Barack Obama just prior to the election and more recently when watching him smack down the hopes and dreams of libertarians.

It can be easy to forget that whether Chris Christie is a good fellow or not, he’s bad as a politician. In 2016, the worst mistake to make would be to give him a break because he has made a few moves to improve his public image. In the end, he has squandered public funds on self-promotion. Funds that should have gone to the needy and the hurt. He has fought for some of the worst and highly partisan legislative policies to impact those in New Jersey.

This man is not someone we on the left should be eager to protect or defend.

About Alyssa Kova

She's a 23 year old LGBT activist with a massive chip on her shoulder, and an unfortunate habit of referring to herself in third person on "About" sections of things.


3 thoughts on “Chris Christie: An Ad By The Taxpayers (VIDEO)

  1. Wolf in Sheep…….

    Posted by omtatjuan | August 7, 2013, 7:25 am
  2. Dang, and I actually liked Christie a lot.

    Posted by redprogressive | August 7, 2013, 9:40 am


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