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Watch This GOP Congressman Anger Tea Partiers, Refuse To Defund Obamacare (VIDEO)

In a town hall meeting held in Queens University in Charlotte, Congressman Robert Pittenger (R-NC) angered his Tea Party voters by his decision to not back Mike Lee and Ted Cruz’s plan of defunding Obamacare, despite cosponsoring a dozen previous bills to defund it.

A young man from the audience said The Tea party wants to know, will you vote with Mike Lee to defund Obamacare, yes or no?” While the audience is applauding for the question, the congressman asked whether he can offer a “thoughtful answer,” but the man insisted on yes or no.

The response? A strong NO. Pittenger then explains that defunding Obamacare is not a real option, because the bill will probably be rejected by the Democratic controlled Senate, or vetoed by president Obama. He continues justify his decision by suggesting another (and even worse) disastrous plan on how to defund or repeal the healthcare law.  When the audience starts to show more signs of dissatisfaction with what he says, Pittenger asks “Do you think Harry Reid is going to pass that in the Senate?” An angry Tea Party women shouts, “It doesn’t matter what Harry Reid is, we need to show the American people that we stand for conservative values.”

Well, the good news is, not all republican congressman are voting for the defund plan, which shows a sign of division and little pessimism among the GOP members. Especially when he said “the reality is it’s not gonna happen…I’d love to see it happen, but it’s not there.”

The bad news is, he is suggesting a more evil, destructive plan by stating, “How do we get the Democrats on defense? We passed ‘no budget, no pay.’ What did that do? That forced them to go back to pass the first budget they’d written in four years…It turned the debate around.”

Is he promising another round of Washington battles on budget for next year? He hints that since the House is under their control, they would pass no budget that includes fundings for the healthcare law which starts nationally in January 2014. Neglecting millions of Americans who are anticipating the new healthcare reform. His statements are hidden confessions that the Republicans are the real obstructionist in the way of progress, they don’t care for the middle class needs, their sole function is to oppose and challenge any proposal by the Obama administration.

Here’s the video:

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I am a 21 years old student majoring in Economic studies, live in Dallas area. I believe that we can always adopt new approaches and see how would they work. We don't have to stick with same values, same traditions, same mind-set if we see they are not as efficient as we might think.

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