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Studies Show Liberals More Tolerant, Conservatives More Likely To Be ‘Disgusted’ (VIDEO)

The following video is fascinating — and not just because of what it has to say about politics. Other things that go hand-in-hand with political conservatism — like archaic sexual role ideals and religious fundamentalism — make use of a sense of divine or godly morality that induces self-loathing in followers. Making people feel unworthy is a great trick that many religions and ideologies use, and being more easily disgusted would likely tie into that.

Here’s the video:

About Justin Acuff

Justin Acuff is a political activist, writer and admitted news junkie. He has written hundreds of articles that have been read millions of times. Justin is a Senior Editor for Addicting Info, the owner and managing editor of Young Progressive Voices, and contributes to other publications as well. The best part? He isn't even 21 yet. Follow his Facebook fan page to get access to his latest articles, find his website here, or follow him on Twitter.


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