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Pregnancy Centers Spreading False Information, Pushing Religious Agenda (VIDEO)

We’ve all had to go through the uncomfortable “sex talk” with our parents, teachers, siblings and/or doctors. Generally, the best advice comes from doctors. However, what that wasn’t so true? What if a health adviser gave you wrong information about birth control or how to use condoms, and you ended up getting pregnant within the next month?

“No sex is the safest sex.” Yes, this may be true, but to use this as an excuse to give wrong advice to sexually active women to push them towards religion is dangerous for the community. In the state of Virginia, Crisis Pregnancy Centers have been giving false information to young and unmarried women to scare them into celibacy, and deliberately misinforming them on safe sex.

During an investigation conducted by the NARAL, a CPC employee was captured on film giving false information to a young, unmarried woman about birth control and pressuring her into becoming celibate. During the conversation, the CPC employee told the woman that birth control has steroids that will not only cause breast cancer, but abort any fetus conceived while using it.

“If you’re on the pill, on the patch, on the shot, and get pregnant… Unintentionally, you will abort that baby because the uterus cannot sustain that pregnancy because the lining has been so altered by those steroids, the artificial hormones.”

The CPC employee also told the woman that condoms do not help prevent the spread of std’s, and then pushed religion into the conversation by making her feel guilty for being sexually active, “Confined to a marriage, of course, sex is expected — you believe in God, that’s the whole plan of God.”

Here’s the video:


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