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Reversing Climate Change And Fighting Desertification (VIDEO)

Desertification is caused by land being too bare, which causes it to turn to desert. That happens to accelerate climate change — oh, and it’s happening to two thirds of the world’s grasslands. In other words, it’s really not good. Yet, there’s good news, as seen in the video below.

Here’s the video:

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One thought on “Reversing Climate Change And Fighting Desertification (VIDEO)

  1. A lot of cities pick up green waste. In Cocoa, FL, it is all composted and given away free. They have huge piles of compost. When a lawn grows thin, the sun heats the sand so it is like the beach, but so hot, the bare spots expand until the whole lawn is lost. It is easily reclaimed just be spreading the free compost. In San Jose, CA, there are a lot of Sycamore trees. Using a leaf mulcher like Flotron (I think), found on the internet for $50, anyone can turn those leaves into confetti and spread on the grass or in the garden to enrich the soil. With the mulch, the grass stays greener, bare spots disappear, less watering is required because there is less evaporation, earthworms return, and it is all free. Throwing away all the grass clippings is not wise. People should mow without catching the clippings. Just leave them on the lawn to rot into the soil enriching it.

    Posted by Trish | September 23, 2013, 6:33 pm

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