California Democrat Aims To Become Youngest Legislator In State History

Jacob Daruvala, California assembly candidate.

Jacob Daruvala, California assembly candidate.

Oftentimes, the first word associated with ‘youth’ and ‘politics’ is ‘apathy.’ Jacob Daruvala is looking to change that image, and in a big way. He’s aiming to be the first 18-year-old to be elected to the California state legislature, and has filed his intent for candidacy for California’s 60th assembly district.

Daruvala is currently 17, but he’ll be 18 in time for the nomination, allowing him to run. While it’s likely that his age will increase the difficulty of winning over voters, he’s hoping to get other millennials to engage in political discourse and action, especially at the state level. In a press release given to Young Progressive Voices, of which Jacob is a contributing writer, he states, “The millennial generation is the most diverse and understanding generation the U.S. has ever seen, and the new youth progressive movement has the potential to be the greatest force for good in our country’s recent history.”

He plans on running a campaign concentrated on three issues; education, public transportation, and the local economy.

Here is the press release:

Norco High School student Jacob Daruvala has filed his intent of candidacy for California’s 60th assembly district. Jacob is currently 17, but will be 18 in January, therefore qualifying for nomination in February. Jacob is a proud Democratic Party member, and ready to take the seat of Republican Eric Linder in Sacramento, becoming the first 18-year-old in California to win a seat in the legislature.

In addition to being a student, Jacob currently works on the Boyd Roberts congressional campaign, is the assistant campaign manager for Norco city council candidate Stephen McArron, and co-founded voting rights organization “” He is also a contributor for Young Progressive Voices, which has achieved 200,000 views during the third month of post-beta launch.

Jacob Daruvala is focusing on issues such as education, transportation and the economy, of which he says, “Economic justice depends on economic opportunity. Economic opportunity starts with successful businesses. Lawmakers need to have a renewed discussion with business owners, consumers, and organized labor to figure out how we can build a strong, lasting economy with equality of opportunity as our measure of success.”

Jacob is also hoping to push the next generation of leaders to step up and take the reins of politics at the state level. “The millennial generation is the most diverse and understanding generation the U.S. has ever seen. The new youth progressive movement has the potential to be the greatest force for good in our country’s history.”

The campaign Facebook page can be found here.

The campaign website is

For more information or for press contact, please email

To donate to Jacob’s campaign click here.

For those of you that would vote based purely on age, please reference this page.

Young Progressive Voices endorses and supports Jacob Daruvala’s candidacy.

About Justin Acuff

Justin Acuff is a political activist, writer and admitted news junkie. He has written hundreds of articles that have been read millions of times. Justin is a Senior Editor for Addicting Info, the owner and managing editor of Young Progressive Voices, and contributes to other publications as well. The best part? He isn't even 21 yet. Follow his Facebook fan page to get access to his latest articles, find his website here, or follow him on Twitter.

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