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The Long Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, it is customary that one wear a costume of some sort. It’s strange how a tradition not recognized by any United States government continues to grow with popularity each year. However, the truth of the matter is that this year, Halloween doesn’t begin on October 31st. Quite the contrary, it actually began on November 6, 2012 when President Barack Obama won his re-election campaign.

Since then, we’ve all been wearing a mask thinking that we can relax and have fun. Yet this naivety is what cost us the House and allowed Boehner to retake his seat as Speaker of the House. All the clues were so obvious yet none of us could see past our own desires.

I don’t like to attack my brothers and sisters, but I’m getting tired of everyone always pointing their fingers at the Republicans. Yes, we know they’re a bunch of scumbags, yet all I see is Republicans do these things, Democrats yell at them for it. I’ll tell you why this method is incorrect: shouting at the GOP is idiotic because they don’t listen. It’s the American people that need their eyes opened from the conservative nonsense blinding them.

So many times we’ve had the opportunity to do this, to end all this right-wing propaganda in the eyes of Independents. In 2005, George W. Bush and the GOP delayed service to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In 2012, history repeated itself with Paul Ryan and Hurricane Sandy. Nothing was done in both cases, and it all comes down to this idea that words speak louder than actions. We should’ve used these occasions to our advantage.

Even in early 2013 there was another outlet that was perfect given Obama’s repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and inaugural address on the topic of gay rights. I know that he was focusing on healthcare, but proposing an amendment to the constitution to officially recognize LGBT people as citizens protected by United States law would have been both noteworthy and powerful on his part. You would have seen huge news coverage with plenty of celebrity endorsements. Debates would ensue and all pseudo-secular arguments from the right would’ve been shredded to pieces, revealing their true religious nature.

Maybe my hopes were set a little high with that last one, but I still stand by the fact that we haven’t done anything. Seriously, are we just now finding out about Halliburton’s profits from the war? We like to think that Iraq was a disaster, but it’s too late to be saying that now. If the Democrats had begun large-scale campaigns like you see the GOP doing with the Tea Party these days, public opinion would be left-leaning. Yet we’ve incorrectly been letting comedians speak and inform the public for us, and their reach is only so far. How is it that Benghazi became a larger controversy than Plamegate? They’re beating us at this publicity game.

Now, I don’t advocate for sensationalism, don’t misinterpret my words that way, but has it really taken a twenty billion dollar government shutdown for us to realize that the people are the only thing that matters? I know this isn’t the case everywhere, and certainly a lot of progressives have been saying otherwise for a while now. However, true momentum has come too late, and a lot of good people suffered as a result of it.

Obama spoke about a change coming. It’s time to take off the mask and end festivities. When 2014 arrives, the force both parties have gathered behind them will erupt into a full-out war. We have to win, or suffer another 8 years under a neo-Bush administration. The time has come for our generation to rescue politics from this horrid generation before us.

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