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Op-Ed: How Gays Can Easily Fight Conservatives

I’ve obviously noticed the attention being given to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in recent years. Looking at their “GOD HATES FAGS” sign, I came to the realization that the answer to fighting right-wing antagonism towards members of the LGBTQ community was simple…. Continue reading

We’ve got yet another Global Warming Problem….

Those who’ve looked into this near-beyond saving problem called climate change may have thought that the primary cause was the agriculture industry…. Continue reading

Learning From The “Affluenza” Case

The only reason Ethan Couch will not be serving jail time – which would have been 20 years, as sought by prosecutors – is because Couch apparently suffers from a psychological condition known as “affluenza.” G. Dick Miller, a psychologist who was called to testify by Couch’s attorneys, stated that the boy was taught that wealth bought privilege and was unable to link consequences to bad behavior Continue reading

EPA Advisor Scammed U.S. Government out of $900,000

Obama’s once again helped keep the agency in power, though it appears things aren’t going easy under his presidency as it turns out one of the EPA’s biggest advisors…. Continue reading

The Matrix is Real? New Evidence Supports Theory

Everyone remembers The Matrix; the 1999 sci-fi classic starring Keanu Reeves about a world where machines have placed the majority of humanity in a pseudo-reality called the matrix. As it semi-ironically turns out, new evidence suggests that not just our world, but our entire universe may be a mere projection from the real world. Continue reading

A Glimmer of Hope: Ozone Layer set to Restore Itself

It appears that things are turning in our favor as a new report the United Nations has put out concludes that carbon emissions have gone down. Continue reading

Congressman Gets As Pissed Off As The American People

The American people are angry. We are angry about corporations owning our politicians. We are angry about representatives injecting their personal religious agendas into our government. We are angry that congress isn’t doing anything at all for social justice, the economy, or our suicidal treatment of the environment. Then there is immigration. The Senate passed … Continue reading

Negotiations To Extend U.S Military Presence In Afghanistan May Unravel

With Karzai out of office in 2014, Washington is worried that his successor will not support continued military operations by the US and NATO, and significantly reduce American influence in Afghanistan. Continue reading

Kasich’s Motives; Holding Politicians Accountable

Recently, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has received a lot of press for his criticism of his own party, though I’m still holding onto my praise. Continue reading

Anti-Immigrant “Game” Cancelled Due To Public Outrage

Due to the major opposition from the University officials to the students, and the sensitivity of the issue, Garcia decided to cancel the “game,” expressing his fear from University officials’ response to the act. Continue reading

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