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Learning From The “Affluenza” Case

The only reason Ethan Couch will not be serving jail time – which would have been 20 years, as sought by prosecutors – is because Couch apparently suffers from a psychological condition known as “affluenza.” G. Dick Miller, a psychologist who was called to testify by Couch’s attorneys, stated that the boy was taught that wealth bought privilege and was unable to link consequences to bad behavior Continue reading

BioShock: the Tale of Ayn Rand’s Failure

What objectivism fails to acknowledge is that not everyone starts out on the same level. The rich have a much greater chance at success than those in poverty. But this is only a small problem in Rand’s theory, and I’ll be using the game BioShock to demonstrate why, in the end, Rand failed to be nothing more than another screaming conservative. Continue reading

The Long Halloween

Halloween doesn’t begin on October 31st. Quite the contrary, it actually began on November 6, 2012 when President Barack Obama won his re-election campaign. Continue reading

Corporate Terrorism

Harming millions of Americans for the sake of legislative power is as violent as it comes. Continue reading

Tea Party Hero Thomas Jefferson Not Quite Who They Think

On Youtube, I came across a neo-conservative with a profile picture of Thomas Jefferson… Continue reading

How The Lines Between Business And Welfare Became Blurred

To look at the welfare system as a whole, we have to first observe a person commonly associated with it: the beggar. Continue reading

Obamacare Premium Rates As Low As $1

Being the state with highest number of uninsured Americans -in terms of population- and the eighth highest state with the percentage of uninsured , California took the lead in implementing and enacting provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

Months Of Planning Went Into Shutdown, Evidence Shows

To understand exactly how bad this is for America, you have to follow the money. Continue reading

Minimum Wage Has DROPPED By One Third In The Last 45 Years

In 1968, the minimum wage was $1.60. Now, the federal minimum wage is $7.25. Yet when compared with the inflation rate, how do they measure up? Continue reading

Workers Protest in 15 U.S. Cities, Wal-Mart Calls it ‘Media Stunt’ (VIDEO)

Last Thursday, thousands of Wal-Mart current and former workers rallied in 15 major US cities across the country. Continue reading

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